We're working for greater public access to safe, sandy beaches.

We promote protection of the public and private assets put in danger by eroding and unstable bluffs.

We're standing up for Solana Beach citizens and our community-drafted Land Use Plan.

We work in concert with other coastal property owners in California whose rights are being eroded away, by an overreaching bureaucratic process.

We support sand-replenishment at our beaches, which makes the beach safer and more enjoyable.

The Beach and Bluff Conservancy has worked with public leaders and fellow citizens for the past decade to ensure greater access to the beach, a safe coastline environment for all to enjoy and to establish an equitable mechanism to fund sand-replenishment for Solana Beach.

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California Coastal Commission Meeting
March 7, 2012

Council should hear commission plans immediately

North County Times - July 22, 2012

A few weeks ago, the North County Times published a story about a dozen residents taking the time to go to a City Council meeting to speak out about the changes the Coastal Commission made to the Solana Beach Land Use Plan and urging the council to hold a hearing on the plan, ("Bluff-top residents ask council to reject state plan," June 14).

Solana Beach blufftop homeowners ask city to reconsider land-use plan

Solana Beach Sun - June 18, 2012

The City of Solana Beach worked for more than a decade in drafting a long-term land-use plan to steer development in the city, and in March the California Coastal Commission approved the plan. But some residents aren't keen on the state entity's hefty list of modifications made to the plan that the Solana Beach City Council and community once agreed upon in 2008, and they are asking the City Council to bring the issue up in a meeting as soon as possible.